How to configure the Internet on Android tablet на андроид

How to configure the Internet on Android tablet
Материалы публикуемые на данном сайте были найдены в свободном доступе в сети Интернет.
Если Вы являетесь разработчиков данного приложение и считаете что ваши авторские права нарушены - свяжитесь с нами через форму обратной связи. Мы произведем все необходимые действия для удаления приложения из каталога.


In today's age of innovative technologies, the emergence of various gadgets has little surprises. That's only the desire to acquire different devices in people is not decreasing. One such device is a tablet computer. Popular tablets running on the Android operating system. When buying such a device, the main issue is to configure Internet tablet Android. Because now it is difficult to imagine new portable without the possibility of access to the network.

How to configure Internet on Android tablet

the first step is to learn manual settings for Your operator:

  • Your
  • the type of the Internet network, which it supports your rate and data for further input to APN (Access Point Names), namely operator settings for manual configuration of Internet and/or MMS.

to See how to configure Internet access operators PeopleNet or Intertelecom you can on our website.

If  whatever reason, you have not found the settings for Android devices, you can use PC settings for this operator. They must be identical for all devices.

Now go to settings => Wireless communication => Mobile network and select auto search mobile operators by the end of the search choose your carrier. I think it's not difficult. After that should be added and configured automatically access Point and support MMS. It remains only to activate your settings and check if the Internet on a device.

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