Super Dynamite Fishing for Android на андроид

Super Dynamite Fishing for Android
Rating: +55
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  • Super Dynamite Fishing for Android
  • Super Dynamite Fishing for Android


Super fishing Dynamite new game fishing from HandyGames, and he not only wants to be completely unique fishing, the game also includes a mini-games and achievements. However, not a game to achieve all he intends to do? Or Super Dynamite fishing are just trying to do too much? To find this detailed review Playandroid!

In some game ideas and girls to try to win, as well as many different types of weapons and bonuses region, in this game, of course, offer a lot for the money, seeing that the game is available on ? 0,99 on the Android Market. The main thing, of course, the way he plays ... and our 6-level test systems will be throroughly to learn every aspect of this fishing extravanganza. Will this game fishing keep us humpbacked?

Graphics: a Fun and fantastic
Graphics in the game fits absolutely perfect. They are not the most impressive and realistic graphics, you will never see, but they complement the gameplay is beautiful. They are manufactured in 2-D cartoon style, and they never act on the nerves. During the actual gameplay, it's easy to see, and the world games and cards are also very well sdelannye design boats and sea creatures surprising turns in General, these graphs produce a sense of fun and excitement that will keep the player is very happy.
Graphics: 4/5

Sounds: Melodic
as graphics, sound funny (and elastic, and there is no need to return to the mute button. Compared to the vast majority of Android games, the sound in this game is Super Fishing with Dinamina not really annoys everyone, and you can successfully play together with them in the background. Some sounds quite funny, and I think that this is, in particular, that this game is trying to be very fun to play, but with a couple of laughs included to keep the player wanting more.
Audio: 4/5

Control: a simple and smooth
the Only thing that prevented the game from the moment of receiving full control of the signs that I had a few problems, turning fishing boat from side to side during the game. However, we should not dwell too long on this. Otherwise good. There are many ways in which you can move items such as guns and sticks of dynamite, and all is going very well. The vibration function when you let some dynamite also very vpechatleniyami birds in the air with a simple press on the screen, and the feeling when using other weapons of only getting better. This is a really fun game fishing for monitoring and suitable for people of any age to try. The controls really not difficult, but still smoothly and efficiently.
Control: 4/5

Atmosphere and wacky Comic
This game is funny and brilliantly funny. I have not had as much fun playing the game in a fair time. The combination of sound and graphics add to the game perfectly and create a truly unique atmosphere. You will laugh and you will be prikovany throughout the game. The atmosphere generated by this game will appeal to people of all ages and all types of players, from the young to the old, from the everyday to experienced gamers. In the game all that it reaches outlined same feeling about it allocates, and therefore only the maximum mark is sufficient.
Atmosphere: 5/5




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