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  • Angry Birds Fight!

    Angry Birds Fight!

    Category: Match 3 games
    Developer: Rovio...
    Year: 2015
    Version: 0.3.6
    Angry Birds Fight! — A new meeting with old characters in the genre of match three.
    Well, Rovio did not say goodbye to his eminent project again and again releasing a new creation with the evil birds. In this case, gamers, old heroes do not get bored
  • Home: Boov Pop!

    Home: Boov Pop!

    Category: Match 3 games
    Developer: Behaviour...
    Year: 2015
    Version: 2.0.2
    Home: Boov Pop! — Another game, or calls us to visit the cinema, or created in order to spend a pleasant time with their favorite characters.
    A few days ago, the premiere of the cartoon Home, which is designed for the very young. Because the game is
  • Treasures of the Pirates

    Treasures of the Pirates

    Category: Match 3 games
    Developer: OrangeApps...
    Year: 2015
    Version: Зависит от устройства
    Treasures of the Pirates — game in the genre of match three, developers OrangeApps Games. Appendix conquered long expanses VKonte and raised eleven million players. Now Android users have an opportunity to spend time in this unpretentious puzzle.
  • Cinderella. Shooting Stars

    Cinderella. Shooting Stars

    Category: Match 3 games
    Developer: Disney
    Year: 2015
    Version: 1.0.1
    Cinderella. Starfall — another creation in the genre Match three dedicated new movie.
    Disney decided to recreate their best creations in animated films. From the beginning they rethink the story of Sleeping Beauty in Malifisente now got to Cinderella
  • Cupcake Carnival

    Cupcake Carnival

    Category: Match 3 games
    Developer: DeNA Corp.
    Year: 2015
    Version: Зависит от устройства
    Cupcake Carnival — you have to feed the world with delicious cupcakes. It's amazing how greedy are a sweet tooth and a lot of effort it takes to feed all.
    In the game, the fairy will offer you cooperation. She decided to feed all the cupcakes own
  • RuneTale


    Category: Match 3 games
    Developer: HelionGames
    Year: 2015
    Version: 01
    RuneTale — an unusual puzzle game in which the playing field is a horizontal line with the runes. You can move left and right of the line, which is extremely limits the gameplay. Horizontal movement, there simply is not possible, so you need to think about
  • Diamond Dots Splash

    Diamond Dots Splash

    Category: Match 3 games
    Developer: Diamond Dots...
    Year: 2015
    Version: 1.2
    Diamond Dots Splash — a puzzle from a small studio Diamond Dots Splash, which quickly began to gain popularity. Once again, we will plunge into the world of stones and crystals, showing their ingenuity. What is so attracted game users and is it worth spend
  • diamond dreams

    diamond dreams

    Category: Match 3 games
    Developer: RSTGames
    Year: 2015
    Version: 1.0
    Diamond Dreams — colorful app which takes you into the hot tropics to the benefit of the gray matter. The game is no different from fellow genre match 3. You have to collect the most large bundles of precious stones and blow them with tapa. The more elemen
  • Jewel Pirates - Puzzle game

    Jewel Pirates - Puzzle game

    Category: Match 3 games
    Developer: Cross Field...
    Year: 2014
    Version: 1.4.3
    If you like puzzle games about pirates, the game Jewel Pirates for you. An interesting puzzle game in the genre of match-three with three different modes in which the main goal of joining jewelry, what would they disappeared. In the Stage — you need to cle
  • Candy Frenzy 2

    Candy Frenzy 2

    Category: Match 3 games
    Developer: appgo
    Year: 2015
    Version: 1.7.033
    Candy Frenzy 2 — continuation of the same name puzzle conquered not so long ago the owners of Android. The visual part of the changes are not affected. Changes occurred in the interface. Changed the mission and goals, discoloration and minor elements in de
  • Marine Adventure for TANGO

    Marine Adventure for TANGO

    Category: Match 3 games
    Developer: Tango
    Year: 2015
    Version: 1.1.10
    Marine Adventure — colorful game in the genre of Match-three, from the studio Tango. You have to go to the sea floor and get acquainted with its inhabitants. Games of this genre on Android was a lot and they are all very monotonous, but this creature has a
  • Cheerful garden - Funny Farm

    Cheerful garden - Funny Farm

    Category: Match 3 games
    Developer: Eva LLC
    Year: 2014
    Version: 1.0.0
    Cheerful garden — Funny Farm — despite its name, the farm suffered a great misfortune — crop destroying pests and must be saved. In fact it is a typical match three on Android, so that you're ready to move pieces on the board. You will learn the very h
  • Candy!


    Category: Match 3 games
    Developer: Big Fish Games
    Year: 2014
    Version: 1.3.1
    Candy! — A puzzle game with many levels made a trip to Australia and visit the many attractions. When projects are taken for such masters as Big Fish, as a rule it out a quality product that sets the trend in the development of a particular genre, in the n
  • Paint Monsters

    Paint Monsters

    Category: Match 3 games
    Developer: SGN
    Year: 2014
    Version: 1.0.10
    If you are tired of killing time, collecting the same elements in a row, the game — Paint Monsters you like. Protagonists blots, who decided to retake captured the world and decorate it again bright colors. And you can help in the return of the world unpre
  • Jelly Flow - Zheleyki

    Jelly Flow - Zheleyki

    Category: Match 3 games
    Developer: Eva LLC
    Year: 2014
    Version: 1.0.6
    Jelly Flow — Zheleyki — bright puzzle game on Android. Everyone knows what a jelly — a sweet treat, pleasing adults and children. Developers Eva LLC decided that such a delicious dessert to become a key figure in the game. The playing field will be covered
  • Smiley Boom - Match 3

    Smiley Boom - Match 3

    Category: Match 3 games
    Developer: GIGL
    Year: 2014
    Version: 0.1
    Smiley Boom — Match 3 — an incredible adventure in the colorful city. You will have a field with colorful smiley face, depicting various emotions. You have to mix the neighboring, and the only way that would have formed a chain. That was not so boring and
  • e: Click, Click, BOOM!

    e: Click, Click, BOOM!

    Category: Match 3 games
    Developer: Chroma Studios
    Year: 2014
    Version: 1.4
    e: Click, Click, BOOM! — Puzzle game in which to carry out tasks and to destroy the chips of the same color. This is the first studio Chroma Studios, and judging by the quality is not the last. The game, though not distinguished plot, but casts a light atm
  • seals


    Category: Match 3 games
    Developer: SUCH GAMES...
    Year: 2014
    Version: 1.1.2
    Seals — a typical representative of three in a row in which to collect the lovely colored kittens. Before you will be a whole box of kittens, from which you need to select a chain of identical, that would be a combo and you get points. If five or more seal
  • Penguins: Puzzle Island HD

    Penguins: Puzzle Island HD

    Category: Match 3 games
    Developer: Pocket...
    Year: 2014
    Version: 1.0.3
    Penguins Puzzle Island — game on Android from the category 3 in a series dedicated to the recently released animated film about penguins. Collecting various figures, you'll shoot enemy octopus. Cartoon designed mainly for children's audience, the g
  • Heroes Against Villains

    Heroes Against Villains

    Category: Match 3 games
    Developer: Inkero Games
    Year: 2014
    Version: 1.0
    Heroes against villain — a game based on such famous cartoons of our childhood as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, DuckTales, Chip and Dale and others. Developers Inkero Games carried the game to category 3 in a row, but guess this is not easy. You choose whi