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  • Samsung will release the first smartphone with a rounded screen

    Samsung will release the first smartphone with a rounded screen

    Samsung introduced the world's first phone with a rounded screen. Rounded Galaxy will be released on 10 October on the domestic market of South Korea.

    • 06-01-2015 14:02
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  • GTA 5 can enter iOS and Android

    GTA 5 can enter iOS and Android

    the Publisher and developer of games series, GTA, Rockstar interested in programmer who works with devices based on   iOS and Android.

    • 29-12-2014 18:23
    • 16617
  • The announcement of the tablet LG G Pad

    The announcement of the tablet LG G Pad

    The South Korean company LG has officially unveiled its new tablet computer called G Pad 8.3, thus the company has decided to return to the tablet market. Device should make the company recently announced a new smartphone G2, at least for part of the design. Gadget to be released in the 4th quarter, the price is still unknown, but promises that the price is within reason.

    • 26-12-2014 16:49
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  • 3 NOVA on Android!


    N.O.V.A. 3 - a favorite toy will soon be on your android device. In the third part, changed almost everything I want to pay special attention to high-quality graphics that not all devices will be able to pull outdated.

    • 02-12-2014 13:28
    • 5452
  • Android OS 6.0, named after a delicious dessert

    OS Android 6.0 will be called in honor of the delicious dessert

    Android 6.0 OS will be called in honor of the delicious dessert

    Known that the new version of Android operating system called as the most popular deerty. So for the new 6.0 version, Google just did not make exceptions as soon informs resource TheVerge, this sixth version of Android will get its codename like Key Lime Pie ("Key Lime Pie").

    • 26-11-2014 15:18
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  • New Kaspersky Tablet Security for tablet with Android

    The new program Kaspersky Tablet Security for tablets with Android OS

    Новая программа Kaspersky Tablet Security для планшетов с ОС Android

    Recently, on the Internet there was a message from the new "Kaspersky Lab" about the imminent release of a new software solution from Kaspersky Tablet Security is a new, Russian market, while distributed on a commercial basis. The main problem so to say this solution - a complete protection of all tablet computers that just work under the constant control of the new Android OS 2.2 and above as well.

    • 26-11-2014 15:17
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  • The better the tablets with Windows 8 from iPad 3

    better tablets with Windows 8 on the new iPad 3


    latest version of Microsoft Windows has many believe is actually so attractive operating system in tablets and hybrids as well it looks very impressive. And the best thing is - in a market where overall strategy of too many of the manufacturers limited variety of unfortunate "copying Apple», then the company Microsoft, as it turned out, just ready to follow the slogan «Think Different» ("Think very differently.") She's going to win in the future rival of his own main weapon - and the site soon offers its readers as much as 10 areas in which it is all the tablets based on Windows 8 can compete with iPad 3 novmi.

    • 26-11-2014 15:17
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  • Google has updated the look and functionality of Google Docs for Android

    Google has updated the look and functionality of Google Docs for Android


    The world famous company called Google has updated completely the appearance and functionality application Google Docs is for the new operating system Android. The new version as well as most previous runs on devices with good OS Android 2.1 or higher.

    • 26-11-2014 15:15
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  • How to collect iPad

    How to collect iPad

    Where to collect iPad? How to collect iPad
    a Couple of days ago was searching through the Internet and found pictures of the Foxconn factory in which the Chinese gather Smartphones and tablets are trademarks of Apple.
    In the video, which was filmed reporters channel ABC, you can see the whole process of assembling the iPad and iPhone.
    the Journalists watched the process and noticed a couple of interesting facts

    • 26-11-2014 15:03
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  • An unusual case for the iPad from Totoya Creatures

    Unusual Case for iPad from Totoya Creatures

    Unusual Case for iPad from Totoya Creatures

    We have before us presents an original accessory for iPad tablets demonstrated by Totoya Creatures, it is designed to entertain young children. New outwardly looks like a normal baby soft plush toy. In fact, it is a miracle gadget includes two basic functions, one of which is to entertain the kids, and the second to protect the tablet from drops and bumps.

    • 26-11-2014 14:53
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  • The release of Windows 8 is expected in June

    Windows 8 Release is expected in June Windows 8 Release is expected in June

    came another long-awaited details about Windows 8. According to some information from the portal winunleaked, release candidate "8s" will appear in the beginning of summer - as it was reported earlier.

    Current test version, Consumer Preview presented at MWC 2012, works quite well and without any sboev. Most likely, the completion of this version to the release will take a little time.

    • 26-11-2014 14:27
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  • DREAMBOOK B97 4.0-new tablet computer on ANDROID 4.0


    Company Pioneer Computers Australia started taking orders for a good tablet called Dream Book B97 4.0 with 9.7-inch touchscreen. Tablet was also equipped with an ARM Cortex A8 (its clock frequency - 1.5 GHz). Operational his memory - 512MB built-in volume full flash-drive - 8 GB to 32 GB.

    Resolution of its display - 1024 × 768 + also support mode multi-touch. Of additional permanent features of the new tablet Dream Book B97 4.0 as well and it is worth noting: Wi-Fi, G-sensor, slot microSD, HDMI, here there are two ports USB 2.0, 3G-module (optional).

    • 26-11-2014 12:15
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  • 7-inch Android 4.0 for $94

    7-inch Android 4.0 for $94

    Presents 7-dopoledne time it is among most Chinese manufacturers a variety tablet products there aspiration for quick integration of all customers not only to the low price, but also improved design. As so to say the most convincing confirmation is possible to name this new tablet called L-Y F8 on Android 4.0, the body of which was made in the form of the wallet.
    Stoimosti novelties is not beyond the bounds in category "economy-class" (only $94), while the new tablet is so good, for such price,new characteristically Android 4.0 for $94
    Presents a 7-inch Android 4.0 for $94

    • 26-11-2014 12:12
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  • It is expected that the Dell tablet on Windows 8 will be released simultaneously with the Windows 8?

    expected that the new tablet called Dell on Windows 8 will be released simultaneously with "eight"?


    After the required information about Windows 8, Dell is not known as no secret of his sympathy for the brand new product from Microsoft. In the very moment "eight" can be downloaded in the preliminary form (Windows 8 Consumer Preview). On such a high level of interest in Windows 8 as well, and is evidenced by the same fact, that during the earliest days of the new OS already about one million diverse users.

    • 26-11-2014 12:07
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  • The Iconia TAB A700 With HD Screen will appear summer in Ukraine and Russia

    Acer Iconia TAB A700 HD-C appears in the summer in Ukraine and Russia as well


    Acer is soon announced a new tablet Iconia Tab A700 Full HD in Russia. It should also, and remind everyone that the first time this model was just presented at the exhibition called CES 2012. At the heart, this large 10.1-inch tablet is powerful as well, and quad-core processor called the NVIDIA Tegra 3, OS - Android 4.0.

    • 26-11-2014 12:06
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  • Asus Eee Pad Transformer started getting fixed ANDROID 4.0 update

    Asus Eee Pad Transformer started getting his own, revised update ANDROID 4.0


    Huge variety of users first, and as the most popular tablet computer called the ASUS Eee Pad Transfomer series soon very long awaited release of the new Android 4.0 for all of their devices. One of the explanations of the delay sound that way: update for the new Transformer Prime contains large errors, forcing producer soon to "work on mistakes».

    • 26-11-2014 12:05
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  • Dell on Windows 8 will be a promising than the iPad 3?

    Dell on the new Windows 8 will be more than promising than iPad 3?


    In an interview with the famous edition Reuters, Dell Chief Commercial Officer Steve Felice soon all outlined their views on the current state it is just the tablet market, and he took and just announced plans for the next Dell. According to him it is claimed that the company also has a whole range of different tablets, which as yet no one knows anything.

    • 26-11-2014 12:03
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  • Test iPad 3

    Test iPad 3

    a Few days ago went on sale brand new iPad. There are some users who have recently had time to acquire another new ’s a pill» Apple, almost at once there was a sort of scholarly interest: “what will be, if you just accidentally drop the tablet so hard surface?”.

    • 26-11-2014 12:02
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    ANDROID 5 JELLY BEAN already out in the 3rd quarter of 2012?


    Usually, in such situations, that's when he has a user interest as it is, and all the official data are simply not available, "on an ambulance" comes a resource entitled to Digitimes' anonymous, but equally reliable sources of all suppliers of this equipment. " A few days ago, shortly Digitimes reported that Android Jelly Bean will soon be released in the third quarter of our 2012. It all means the following: to the top next autumn the new operating system from Google will be full of brilliant reality.

    • 26-11-2014 12:01
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  • Who Iconia Tab A500 vs Asus Transformer


    In my opinion, all the judges simply inadequately evaluated tablet.

    Weighing acer I quite agree, but that's about stroking his body is certainly brutal.

    • 25-11-2014 11:53
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