• Game review Ingress

    Game review Ingress

    You can not just take and pass the game, which the developer was the company Google, as the number of downloads has exceeded 5,000,000 to the gameplay was coined by the whole world.

    • 30-03-2015 11:54
    • 4061
  • Review of applications from Google

    Review of applications from Google

    Apparently Google decided to abandon the policy of isolating its services from iOS. Much more applications owned by the largest companies have ported to devices of Apple, but almost at the same time new products are available for owners of Android and iOS.

    • 13-03-2015 12:35
    • 3453
  • Review of the game World Of Warriors

    Review of the game World Of Warriors

    After reading the description of the enchanting World Of Warriors: adventure strategy epic battle, hundreds of soldiers and many more. Sin does not establish such a game, but it turned out to be not so.

    • 02-03-2015 13:39
    • 3354
  • Review Game LIMBO

    Review Game LIMBO

    Surprise modern gamers cruelty almost impossible. Violence and blood flows and whip a variety of slashers, and post-apocalyptic game about zombies did location strewn guts and dismemberment tedious chore. Years spent for such games have been completely kill in us a sense of the experience of the death of a virtual character, but then there is a small indie game and destroys all the stereotypes.

    • 16-02-2015 09:05
    • 4984
  • Review of the game Secret Files Sam Peters

    Review of the game Secret Files Sam Peters

    Meet the classic quest Secret Files Sam Peters. In the role of a brave journalist, you have to go into the crater of Ghana to deal with alien DNA. Sam Peters will have the full taste of all the delights of wild jungle and spend the player through many strange events.

    • 27-01-2015 11:27
    • 4067
  • Game review BattleLore: Command

    Game review BattleLore: Command

    When in Play Market appears not cheap strategy of many famous company Fantasy Flight Games, becoming very curious as to what kind of product. Stepwise BattleLore: Command was created based on the board game - BattleLore and promises a fascinating mechanics on the screens of our tablets and phones. For those who are not able to throw the dice game, explaining the studio Fantasy Flight Games is not repeatedly managed to surpass the original table, and what they have gained the trust of fans. In ported games is another big plus - in the works BattleLore price several times lower than that of the original card.

    • 17-01-2015 22:02
    • 3643
  • Review of applications Word Lens Translator

    Review of applications Word Lens Translator

    It would seem that Google Translate is the perfect app interpreter on Android, but what to do if there is no access to the Internet, but something urgent need to translate? For such a case the application was created World Lens.

    • 11-01-2015 20:29
    • 3694
  • Review of the game Kingdom Rush Frontiers

    Review of the game Kingdom Rush Frontiers

    Kingdom Rush Frontiers is the sequel to the popular tower defense  Kingdom Rush.

    • 08-01-2015 14:41
    • 4104
  • Game review Game of Thrones

    Game review Game of Thrones

    There are literary creations that just beg on the screen. There the film adaptation, which are ideal for creating games. However, a good setting does not guarantee the ease of creating a new media product for game studios.

    • 28-12-2014 22:16
    • 5223
  • Review of the game Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath

    Review of the game Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath

    For a start it is worth noting that Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath on Android game is not new, and has not reprinted for the first time from the studio Oddworld Inhabitants and published for the first time published in 2005 on the Xbox.

    • 13-12-2014 12:32
    • 4067
  • Review of the game Far Cry 4 master of the arena

    Review of the game Far Cry 4 master of the arena

    When the network appeared the first Far Cry 4 a master of the arena, it became clear that launched the next conveyor. The fourth part of the previous game is not much different. Newly discovered world, epic villain release outposts and capturing towers, many additional tasks. And this is probably good because the third part was wildly popular. Will it work the same pattern for the second time?

    • 05-12-2014 18:23
    • 4678
  • Game review Valiant Hearts: The Great War

    Game review Valiant Hearts: The Great War

    What genre first comes to mind when we hear the game about World War I? Likely tactical shooter or strategy. These large-scale battles, the first tanks, deadly gas - an excellent soil for military strategy based on historical subjects.

    • 28-11-2014 02:23
    • 4445
  • Game review République

    Game review République

    When it comes to mobile gaming, we immediately do a discount due to the nature of the platform. Moreover, the management of special, the gameplay is not so deep, and dialogues do not shine diversity. Most of this suit. Who need to be engaged in the promotion of games with great gameplay, complex staging, and even the involvement of professionals, if the majority of gamers prefer to shoot birds at pigs, but the rope cut the candy? No publisher is to be spent is not ready. But visitors Kickstarter even quite ready. Thanks to the investments of these people we now have the opportunity to see Republique. This is the first major project for mobile, which do not need discounts because of his affiliation platform.

    • 23-11-2014 02:43
    • 3844
  • Game review RETRY

    Game review RETRY

    Company Rovio has more than enough to squeeze out all the famous Angry Birds and recently released a new game called - RETRY. Many would think that this is a cover of some evil birds, but it is not. The game was released in a completely new style and just deserves attention, especially given the fact that the developer is such a famous studio.

    • 16-11-2014 01:21
    • 4202
  • World of Tanks Blitz

    World of Tanks Blitz

    World of Tanks Blitz - the most anticipated game this fall on Android. After a very long and a secret beta game appeared Google Play in many countries, but not in Russia. As far as the younger brother will be able to repeat the success of WOT on the PC's look further.

    • 09-11-2014 09:39
    • 4859
  • Review Game Galaxy on Fire: Alliances

    Review Game Galaxy on Fire: Alliances

    The last few years things have Fishlabs companies were not the best way. After a fabulous triumph Galaxy on fire 2, the company was on the brink of bankruptcy. However, not so long ago left the game Galaxy on Fire: Alliances, which was in testing since 2013. Definitely something to say about this creation is difficult, but the product is definitely worth seeing.

    • 01-11-2014 12:52
    • 4114
  • Cars: Fast as Lightning

    Cars: Fast as Lightning

    Who does not know Lightning McQueen and Maitre? Both of these characters are the most outstanding representatives of Disney wheelbarrows. If you've seen the cartoon, you know exactly what Cars is one of those films for children, which does not leave indifferent even the adults, and you can enjoy with the whole family. Games about Wheelbarrows not new to iOS and Android, and gathered millions of fans, so when Pixar, Disney and Gameloft have released a new game called Wheelbarrows: Fast as lightning, she immediately created a furor among gamers of all ages.

    • 25-10-2014 12:40
    • 6685
  • Iron Desert

    Iron Desert

    Developers delight us with a new creature Iron Desert - a great real-time strategy, but to commemorate the previous game of the studio - Jungle Heat, formed in the same genre, and which had great popularity. But the differences are still there, in the last game you were in rich jungle, and now you have to go in the near beduyuschee after a natural disaster in the hot desert. In the last game -naemniki thugs in this - the crews with machine guns and tanks. But the idea and purpose of the total - gold and oil which must be mine, expanding the base, army and destroy the enemy.

    • 18-10-2014 13:41
    • 4790
  • Back To Bed

    Back To Bed

    Indie studios have always had a unique feature to create their creations with an artistic touch. Some of the best indie games of the last decade, such as Journey, Braid, Castle Crashers and considerably experimented with the visual design that allowed them to stand out markedly against the backdrop of AAA class games and acquire more and more popular. Usually these games are very difficult to identify any genre, they are more like a mixture of several ways. Game Back To Bed is a bright representative of the direction of indie games.

    • 12-10-2014 12:00
    • 3580
  • Asphalt: Overdrive

    Asphalt: Overdrive

    The company Gameloft is famous for creating some of the best games on mobile devices, but a series of Asphalt leader of the race. But instead of all anticipated racing game Asphalt 9, they decided to present us with a runner racing - Asphalt: Overdrive. Surprisingly, the change of genre game just won.

    • 03-10-2014 23:58
    • 4688