DontFall - game review на андроид

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DontFall – is a new game from the company InfinitiWebthat will allow you to check their speed, reaction and accuracy. In it you have to run on the rocks above a precipice from ZLWK – little evil beings who narovec to devour you. essentially, the game is quite simple. You will need to click on the stones in their order of appearance from top to bottom. The faster you click on them, the faster the screen moves forward. After running DontFall you will be available three levels.

In the first you have to run the maximum number of stones in for ten seconds. If you miss, you fall into the abyss. The second level is different from the first that you have to run as fast as you can. Here you will need for more a short time to run fifty steps, not falling into the abyss. In the third level you will have to escape from an evil monster, and only want to eat you. Each level in DontFall challenges the player. To win you have to be very focused and attentive. One mistake and you will lose. 

thanks to such simple mechanics DontFall became popular among the thousands of players who daily run the game on their mobile phones. DontFall us back to the days when games were difficult, when victory in the game was seen as a virtue, it is not a given. We urge you not to delay the game for a long time, and sit down and enjoy a long-forgotten feeling. Download game DontFall you can on our website or Google Play.

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