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Program to create Wi-Fi access points in Windows XP

Poster Program to create Wi-Fi access points in Windows XP

Virtual Access Point (Virtual AP) - software for PC or laptop running on a Windows XP, which will turn it into a full-fledged access point Wi-Fi. Now you can easily access the Internet from any device connected to a virtual access point , of course , provided that the PC has access to the Internet . You can also connect your phone or Tablet PC based on Android to set up a wireless network.

And so begins ! You do not need any Internet settings . This connection method works for one hundred percent! Here is a photo of the program :

ПрограммаDo what is written below:

  1. Connect to the internet.
  2. Unpack, install, activate it. Code and id in the archive in a text document.
  3. Run the program, in the column "MENU" (left), select "Share my internet" and find the inscription "My connection through which internet goes live" (in the center) and see that your computer uses for internet connection in my case is Mobile Broadband - C-motech Wireless, if you do not see your modem or using a wired internet press "select" and select your connection type!
  4. The program uses the default name and password for the network, it looks like this SSID - Virtual Access Point, password - 12345.
  5. Everything is almost ready, it remains to run our access point, for this click "Start Sharing". Your access point is active, you can now find it on my tablet or phone, and to enter into it, enter the password specified in the program and can enjoy your Wi-Fi!
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