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How to update your version of Android on the tablet

Poster How to update your version of Android on the tablet

Sooner or later, all owners of Android tablets have a thought about how to update the firmware on a more recent version. Even if you have just bought a tablet and he went into production some time ago - it is likely that the manufacturer has released an update for your device. And it is better to upgrade to the latest version of Android OS, first use than the old one, and then switch to a new one. Offer step by step and detailed instructions on updating Android. To do this, you must be a happy owner of Android-smartphone or tablet, as well as an Internet connection. Updating the operating system Android individually for each smartphone or tablet. So that the implementation of update Android is no universal or software programs for PC.


  1. first thing is to go to "Settings" system of your Android-based device, and allow the connection to the Internet.
  2. include, and thus, allow the automatic update of the operating system. When a new firmware version (for example, Google Android OS update to version Jelly Bean) gadget automatically inform the user. Note: if the traffic is not limited - all right then, and otherwise - lift operator with you some money.
  3. Updating Android
  4. possible through play.google.com. There you can find the software to automatically search for updates of the operating system for a particular model Android-based device, or manually search - himself.
  5. can I download the updates for your Android device from the official manufacturer's website. The installation process also takes place in the automaticity mode - analogous to install Android-App.
  6. For most common models of tablets and smartphones, manufacturers are making CD with software to find and automatically install updates to the operating system Android.

Android update process for each individual a single brand and model of device. Detailed instructions and recommendations, as well as the upgrades, you need to look at the manufacturer's official website.

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