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How to reflash Android

Poster How to reflash Android

Why still pereprodavat device?

Many of us want to reflash your smartphone more fresh or custom firmware, but postpone this idea because of the complexity of the process or fear to break the device. But the new firmware gives us updates, and thus new features, for example:

  • Fix various "bugs"
  • Graphic change the shell;
  • Improve usability;
  • New features.

But when the time of producer support has expired, it is necessary independently and informally to update. It is open-source Android system allows third parties to conduct manipulation with the device. Up to increase performance by overclocking system.

So You can sharpen your device.

Methods firmware

let's Consider a couple of examples that show us how to update the Android OS.

  1. Through auto update

    This method is the simplest and the most reliable, as the device automatically download the latest firmware from the official website. You are only required to update the set up and intuitive to click "Next".

    At this moment the most popular path in the settings menu to auto update the following:

    "Settings" => "General settings"

    "Settings" => "system"

    "Settings" => "On the phone" ="system Updates" (Android 4.0.x)

    only Need the firmware that is on the official site, and the phone will prompt You to update itself. You only need the presence of unlimited Internet, because the average weight firmware 500 MB. In the end, the system may require a restart.

  2. Through the official website

    Go to the official site of your device and look for your model. If there is new firmware, the more often it will be archived. In addition, the official site can be protected from download and You will have to enter your EMEI, which is written on the box or on the sticker under the battery.

    After You have downloaded the firmware .zip, .rar, .7zip, run a special program for Windows that in automatic mode should update Your device.

  3. Play Through Google Market

    there is Always an alternative. You can use third-party applications from Android market (aka Google Play). If a little search, you can find dozens of programs that can reflash Your tablet. The website Ontabs can recommend: Rom Manager, but it requires get root rights.

  4. Through Recovery

    This method is unique because it allows you to set not only official, but also custom firmware. How to use this program in detail read here Getting root rights.

ATTENTION! Before you flash your device better think twice: do You need this update? Very often it happens that a new version of "raw" and require modifications.

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