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Knights of Pen and Paper is a review of the game

Poster Knights of Pen and Paper is a review of the game

Knights of Pen &Paper  Paradox Interactive tells about a group of fans of role games, gathered at home with his friend, the master, through whom the whole game is. Taking a huge blue book, it transports you in time, heroic deeds, terrible monsters and people who need your help. The game is very interesting and quite long. Is it in a turn-based battles, very well withstanding the style of any successful RPG.

All the heroes of the game — these are ordinary people. Some of them even go to school, someone posts a pizza and some are not from our planet. They all gathered here for at least a minute to be transported into a magical world full of mystery and adventure. In the apartment of the leading Desk and five seats. This means that just as you progress through the game you will have five characters who want to escape from their problems in this abode of adventure. From the very beginning you will be able to choose to play only two, but later you will be able to invite more. the game has a lot of combinations to create a new character. People who want to join your game, just ten. Of them, so, you will be able to choose only half. Each of them has a personal skill that will be used by the character throughout the game. Classes for them only six, and so you will have to select all except one. Here diversity is not much, but it does not makes the game worse. Classes, in turn, 4 skills that can be pumped through a better level. Choose carefully, so as to bring it back, nothing happens. Therefore, having at the beginning of the two characters, you begin your adventure. The money you save as you progress through the game, you can spend on various things. You can change the carpet, leading to put things left and right, and each of the new things will give you bonuses that help in the game. Never forget about it.

Your adventure will begin in… prison.  There you have to understand the management and the style of doing battle, and will be able to see the first major feature of Knights of Pen &Paper — the opportunity to choose how many enemies you will fight. Developers took into account that many, selecting the wrong level of complexity, have in some situations, to start all over again. Tasks the main storyline is marked by a large and brilliant star. This designation is made for those who love to perform only those tasks that will tell them the story, and not a little of the story. In cities… safer there. No one will attack you while you sleep, no one will bother you, all glad to have you. In the cities you a lot. You can clean up the streets, at the same time prokatilas. You can find people in need of aid, and help them, of course. Job there and sweep and escort, and even picking up different things that stole monsters. For the job you consistently deliver the experience and money, therefore, the implementation of such very useful for beginners heroes. in the cities there are shops where you can buy for yourself spending potions — they will help you last longer on the battlefield, — as well as different accessories that enhance your features. Everything is sold for a low price, so do not spare pair gold for extra ring. In some cities there are blacksmiths. So how to buy new equipment like armor or weapons cannot, in the game there is an opportunity to improve the old blacksmith. This will cost quite expensive, so before going to the blacksmith must see whether you have at least 150 gold. Features and taverns. You need them in order to free up space on your Desk, if you want to add another character in your party. It was made for lovers tactful approach to fighting the evil. Don't be afraid to leave their friends, they are not going anywhere and will just suck El for the nearest table. 

the Monsters in theKnights of Pen &Paper just innumerable. Completely different beings, from the evil of mice and up to muscular pirates, from blobs of jelly and to black spiders, and all of them — your enemies. Often monster may have special property that will protect him, for example, from stun or poisoning. The game has a lot of different bosses, which makes it very interesting and dynamic. Bosses are pretty complex, so be careful of trying to kill another king jelly clots or Queen of spiders.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the company’Paradox Interactive did its best. The game was very interesting and varied. It could take even one who was not familiar with the RPG, and fans of the genre will be happy acquainted with Knights of Pen &Paper. We will wait for the news from this company. And you good luck and pleasant passing.

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