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Beyond Space - game review

Poster Beyond Space - game review

Beyond Space – this is the newest space game, where players will be able to sit at the helm of the spacecraft, to freely surf many planetary systems, nebulae and asteroid fields. All avid fans of the space simulatorsshooters immediately remember very well known project from Fishlabs – ‘Galaxy on Fire 2». But to compare these two projects, in principle, is not true. Galaxy on Fire 2 long been the undisputed leader in its genre, the unique almost not, but with the release of Beyond Space things can change.

Beyond Space
The player assumes the role of a space traveler and hired pilot – Max’Walker’and ’ involved in intergalactic conflict. The missions of the Alliance we will see absolutely different corners of the cosmos, enjoy the beautiful scenery of stellar systems, fight against various opponents, will meet with leaders of pirates, schemers – politicians will meet great allies and become victims of betrayal. This space epic once and forever change the way galaxy. The plot of the game so dynamic and exciting that you will not remain indifferent anybody. to Manage our ship we will be able to use dual-stick or gyroscope. Players will be able to run "drums», «loop» and a variety of other techniques that can perform only the most experienced pilots, in any number and you. In the hangar there are a huge number of ships with its own properties. A huge Arsenal of weapons, shields, afterburner chambers of dozens of items – all players can customize their own type of game and immediately rush into battle against smart opponents. And the opponents here really have a mind that Yes, how: squadron and flotilla come together to attack, pirates of the same unpredictable and work in isolation. You will be surprised over your head will fly multiple well-coordinated ships gathered together.

Beyond Space for the tablet

In sum, we get excellent and swayed storyline, stunning graphics, dynamic soundtrack and intense battles. Again and say, addictive game from the first minutes. Beyond Space is another project AAA class from BulkyPix that can compete sat on the pedestal Galaxy on Fire 2. Game - specific "must have" for all lovers of space simulators and dynamic space combat. AppDaily recommends.

Beyond Space for android

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