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Game review Game of Thrones

Poster Game review Game of Thrones

Always there is the same problem: how to make sure that does not slide into reruns read books, watched movies and fans of second-rate gag with the original having only a very abstract relationship. Game of Thrones series, follows exactly the story, written in the books, video replaces us our imagination. Usually games are released when kinotvorenie created, the book and read the story sniff from all sides. It is clear that there approach should be a little different to lure and pumped to the already acquainted.

All episodes of the game will be devoted to home Forrester - are ideal candidates for the role of the main action in the game. They are quite subtle and minor, which allows them to award any characters and eliminates the search for new characters to the search for new stories.

You will be presented five playable characters, in the first episode will be only three. Events will unfold with the infamous Red wedding. The first main character becomes squire Lord Gregor Forrester. Swineherd boy son and his name is Gared Tuttle, who before the tragic events at the wedding are entitled to fight in the battle side by side with the Knights of the Starks. But before the battle never came, and began a massacre. Senior Forrester dies and requests before death attributed to the family nest family sword.

On returning home the young man sees what on earth Forrester has hosted Uathilly, because their overlord Roose Bolton is now a Guardian of the North. Garrett immediately gets into trouble. And we switch to another character.

After the death of the head of the family and the eldest son of Forrester, on the throne sits a boy Ethan. He feels the brunt of managing the affairs of a kind that go really bad.

Deceased relatives took most of the men of war, and where all were killed. Bolton - the most active conspirator against Stark, who belongs to the North. Ethan is necessary not just because he was not prepared for such a role. He has a twin sister, younger brother and mother, who tries to solve problems with the help of the eldest daughter of the Worlds.

Forrester world Margery Tyrell ministered to King's Landing. Its main mission - to talk with Margaret and ask for protection for his family. After the death of her seriously interested in Stark Cersei Lannister. And her interest comes on purpose.

The plot takes up almost eighty percent of the episodes in the game. The remaining twenty-takes directly control the course of the story. The game seems to have a choice, there are decisions that have to take, but it does not affect the plot.

For example, you have to decide how to meet Ramsey Snow. You can prepare diplomacy, bread and salt, and you can tune in to the war. But whatever you choose is in fact no value will not have. But on the conversation here is not stingy.

The same goes for success Worlds in King's Landing. No matter how much she did not talk of the plant and that would not have said, the result is always the same. In this Game of Thrones right takes a step back compared to its predecessors.

Although if the game does not pass the second and third time, this lack of will is quite unnoticed. Telltale Games masterfully created the illusion that you're really influence the course of the story. All the dialogues in the style Game of Thrones, distinguished by their sharpness and strength.

Vasteras seems juicy and lively, very violent and panoramic - exactly as to what we are used to. The authors found a way to fit into the overall story of Forrester, so as to catch more of the characters. Although they do not appear for a long time, but there are just as Martinovski heroes.

Here is the animation in the game just lame if to mimic the characters more or less anything, here's to the movement of all sad. If gait men still possible to reconcile, then with the gait of women anymore. They go as diehard dolls. But this does not mean that the visual part is no good. In Game of Thrones much impressive. Actors are very similar to the characters of the series. Battle scenes look epic. All very well, when lasts another movie, but when he finished and begin to free movement, as here the problems begin.

Certainly the game is designed for fans of the book and the series. For them was launched line of interactive movies. As such, the game is pretty good, despite a number of shortcomings. The same who do not treat fans of "A Song of Ice and Fire" is simply nothing to do here.

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