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Surprise modern gamers cruelty almost impossible. Violence and blood flows and whip a variety of slashers, and post-apocalyptic game about zombies did location strewn guts and dismemberment tedious chore. Years spent for such games have been completely kill in us a sense of the experience of the death of a virtual character, but then there is a small indie game and destroys all the stereotypes.
When a huge trap for the first time cuts off the head of the main character of the game Limbo of his little body, many players are frightened and some time are in bewilderment. And this will happen many times during this emotional and exciting adventure.
The story begins with the fact that the unnamed boy wakes up in a dark scary forest. Absolutely not clear how he ended up there, and what to do now. Know one thing - he needs to find his missing sister. Answers to all questions will find yourself in this strange place. If you want to survive, will have to use your loaf.
Survival is very difficult, this place conceals many dangers and deadly predators. The world around us is hostile to the impossibility everywhere abyss, huge stones, stakes, circular saws, traps and aggressive fauna. True, our hero rises instantly in the same place where he died, otherwise the game would be a living hell.
Your rivals will be not only a variety of traps and spiders, and game physics. You do not just have to smash his head on another puzzle, one false move and another death. All actions will make up to a second, otherwise you will see a new death of our hero.
The main advantage was the ability to stun Limbo. We are constantly waiting for something unexpected and new. Whether this is true for new ways to kill our hero, but in this, that is the charm of this indie project on Android. Each scene is original and etched in my memory: a huge spider, piercing through the hero, flying kicks on the fly, the parasite takes hold of the boy brain, boxes and levers that trigger mechanisms.
Limbo acquired all possible awards in the gaming conferences and festivals, received the highest praise from critics and became the best in its genre. The game went to all gaming platforms, and only now become available to owners of Android, for which we can thank the developers.

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