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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas - game review

Poster Grand Theft Auto San Andreas - game review

After 11 years, the famous game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was released on mobile platforms. By 2014, mobile phones and tablet computers became more powerful than a PC and console in 2003. Regardless of how you feel about the series GTA, the game is worth the download just to see how advanced technology. In San Andreas you can do almost everything that he did in the original game: to manage the boat, drive, fly flight and a helicopter to shoot from a large quantity of weapons, to draw graffiti, shoot down pedestrians and create the gang.

first of all, it is worth noting management. Thanks to the three possible ways of control (it can be analog switches, two buttons or management with gyro) you will be able to manage the different transport without any problems. Feature trailer will deal with enemies without much fuss and trouble on the screen. The look of the game has improved significantly in comparison with the version of PS2 games. Developers pulled the quality of the picture and animation, frame rate became higher, appeared realistic shadows. In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas we will do all the same works: to explore the open world games and perform various missions. The scale of the game is impressive. Players on entertainment developers have a staff. The game is not limited only to the city streets. There is a vast rural areas and dense forests, on which you can ride in a jeep or motorbike. Full playthrough of the game you will take over 100 hours. Throughout the game a lot of humour and satire, unusual missions and colorful characters will not let you get bored.

New players, who did not play in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 11 years ago, will be able to appreciate this game appreciated, and players with experience — will happily immersed in its nostalgic world. Small flaws forgivable and hardly significant for such a large-scale background. This game will take gamers minutes and hours are passionate about diving in criminal depth Los Santos and I will cause to return in her universe again and again. Download game for Android you can on our website.

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