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Game review BattleLore: Command

Poster Game review BattleLore: Command

When in Play Market appears not cheap strategy of many famous company Fantasy Flight Games, becoming very curious as to what kind of product. Stepwise BattleLore: Command was created based on the board game - BattleLore and promises a fascinating mechanics on the screens of our tablets and phones. For those who are not able to throw the dice game, explaining the studio Fantasy Flight Games is not repeatedly managed to surpass the original table, and what they have gained the trust of fans. In ported games is another big plus - in the works BattleLore price several times lower than that of the original card.

We begin with the hiring of troops, where the total cost of the army, and it can not exceed the acquisition of units of different suits. Then begins to show tactical skills on the map by placing soldiers ranged and melee troops and other support. The following occurs draw cards with bonuses. And now the fun begins - the choice of strategy battles: choose from three flanks, who must be defended, and who to attack. After the decision can not be changed.

Honors in the mobile version of Offline became a graphic visualization of events. Each turn is tied to the four phases, sometimes it becomes very painful to calculate the field. Developers greatly accelerated this process. Choosing a strategy, we progressively closer to the battle with a rival. The playing field consists of three corridors of movement, which allows units to maneuver, to defend, to hide in shelters and attack attacks. If you managed to find shelter, the enemy does not attack, but if not, then minus one unit.

The book of rules described dozens of variations turn of events. All of them are described in the form of laws in the encyclopedia, though in English. Become familiar with it is very important (at least superficially), because even the stunning graphics will not save you from having to learn. After that, you can safely plunged into the story, which tells of the war between the forces of Good and Evil (people and evil spirits). In the game there are two foundations of the universe - and knowledge of the battle. So we'll have to somehow balance between them to defeat the enemy.

For the mobile platform in BattleLore: Command were created quests with interesting scenarios. For the implementation of which will open the possibility of expanding forces, improving the army and receive various bonuses. Held jobs as possible in multiplayer and single-user mode. Multiplayer will make the game close to the desktop version, which we used to play in the evenings with friends. After all, it has its own special romantic.

Over time, the game will expand through add-ons. Fantasy Flight Games promise to soon release additional content with new subjects and factions. This will BattleLore benefit, because it has no shopping for real money. The game is not cheap cost the owner android, but ten times cheaper than the desktop version. Although the application and does not replace all the charms and excitement of the original, but at least you'll understand whether you are interested in such a mechanic.

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