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Review of the game Secret Files Sam Peters

Poster Review of the game Secret Files Sam Peters

Meet the classic quest Secret Files Sam Peters. In the role of a brave journalist, you have to go into the crater of Ghana to deal with alien DNA. Sam Peters will have the full taste of all the delights of wild jungle and spend the player through many strange events.

In the wake of the success among the fans of the old quests after the successful Secret Files Tunguska, studio Deep Silver, without thinking twice released continuation of the series. Sam Peters unlike the original was not localized in Russia and, therefore, does not have a translation into Russian. Can say with great confidence for this reason the game so downgraded the rating. Other reasons for this, as Secret Files: Sam Peters has excellent gameplay and graphics, and in no way inferior Tunguske.

Those who lack the great and mighty does not stop, waiting for an amazing story, which begins with the experimental situation. On the instructions of the journal Uncharted, Sam Peters went to Indonesia with the expedition and got into the hands of terrorists. Max Gruber journalist rescued from invaders. At this time, the eruption of the volcano, and the characters are lost. Court on how to says Sam, Max's quest is not a priority, and she hurriedly left the island.

So not even the default behavior of the characters is not surprising, apparently the script for Secret Files: Sam Peters wrote the same people as the original. Dialogue countries and incomprehensible actions will occur in the course of the game. But that does not make the quest less enjoyable. The player will be identical to the book tips Tunguska. Even if you have all the bad with the English, solving puzzles, hidden object can be completely overcome, and without it. In addition, the script flaws are not so large that would spoil the fun of the game progresses.

Quality of detail of the game will depend on the power of your tablet. All locations Secret Files: Sam Peters very well drawn and displayed even weather effects, although the movement of characters a bit clumsy by modern standards, but still looks good. The musical accompaniment is also brightened impression of the passing game.

Acquire Secret Files: Sam Peters, should those who are fans of classic quests and who relished Secret Files Tunguska. On the mobile platform is not so often go qualitative quests. Apparently after a successful porting old games on Android, we could wait for something completely new, perhaps even long-awaited sequel Syberia, but for now enjoy a series of Secret Files.

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