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Game review Ingress

Poster Game review Ingress

You can not just take and pass the game, which the developer was the company Google, as the number of downloads has exceeded 5,000,000 to the gameplay was coined by the whole world.

Ingress uniqueness is that unlike other applications, you do not need a fast reaction and dexterity of your fingers, and you need a good orientation to the terrain, physical training, knowledge of the city's attractions and the desire to walk to various places hometown.

Ingress - multiplayer online game with elements of augmented reality. To take part in the gameplay, you need a smartphone or tablet with a game, an Internet connection and GPS.

The game features two factions, which are marked in green and blue objects on a map. The main task - to capture the enemy's free and portals. During execution of any action level will rise, which will increase your advantage and opportunities. Provide the most efficient coherent team actions discussed in chat.

Ingress is a legend. During the experiment over Collider, scientists was obtained Exotic Matter (exotic matter), which spread around the world. And pulled to the various libraries, monuments and other architectural structures, where she began to multiply and regenerate. After that, there were formed portals leading into another world. Climbed some of the portals creation Shapers (Shapers). Who are they and how to look, no one knows, but it is known that they had to change our world.

To cope with this problem to be ordinary people. But not all the polls, but only those who have a special scanner. But since people are not able to come to a consensus, formed two factions - Resistance (Resistance) and Enlightened (enlightened).

Resistance is not pleased with the appearance of our land Shveyperov. For them it is common invaders are learning human consciousness. New they do not bring, but human bodies possess.

But enlightened believe in what Shapers bring joy, happiness and good. It turned out that Shveypery since ancient times have helped in the development of mankind and manage the creative people. And since they have already got here, let alone control the people directly.

To defend their point of view, each of the factions trying to seize control of a large number of Mind Units (Thinking units). For this it is necessary to capture portals and bridge the connection. Portals are the angles and sides of communication, capturing their images field, which brings in a piggy bank fraction Mind Units. In a fraction more Mind Units, that's right.

Ingress is perhaps the most useful game on Android. Permanent walk through the streets of your city, visit the historical monuments and sometimes very strange place, leaves a lasting impression. In addition, a new acquaintance with real people, not in online, as it is in other games. You meet with one, two or a dozen players and develop a strategy and plan to capture the world.

But without the fly in the ointment is not done - is power. GPS, screen and internet kill any battery, and the specifics of the game does not allow it to recharge.

There are a couple of unique drawbacks. Strangers, very suspicious look at the players who are buried in the phone walking in circles around the monuments, museums and historic buildings. In the US, there were even cases of skirmishes representatives of different factions, we have no such cases fortunately was not.

Similar games of course, but they are not of this magnitude, not of this quality and with such prospects. Ingress is unique in the pace of development and its implementation. The game is closely intertwined with reality, deserves the highest evaluation.

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