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Daytona Rush
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Invictus Games Ltd.
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Daytona Rush - an exciting runner, for those who like to drive on the track.
Lest we said about the genre, but ineradicable runners on android. All new and new games are released daily variations. And there is nothing surprising, because different begalki and endless race perfectly suited to the role taymkillerov.
Before us is a classic representative of the genre. We will give the car, initially we have only one she wakes up, and send it to the competition. Although such call them difficult, because the finish here you reach. But there are factors that can complete your check. One of the factors - petrol, gas stations here quite a bit, and you need time to readjust to the extreme number of refills, and the time to leave the band. Another way - is to call on the forbidden territory and you will immediately be disqualified. Well, or you can just get into an accident, which will remove you from a distance.
Control can swipe and touch. This will allow you to rebuild from one yard to another, braking and acceleration is not here. For each check your gaming purse wakes replenish currency, funds can be spent on car upgrade. For fast leveling present Donat.
In general picture Daytona Rush pleases, but a huge drawback was the monotony, the only route quickly bored.


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