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Age of War
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  • Age of War
  • Age of War
  • Age of War
  • Age of War


Age of War - an excellent military strategy in which to fight wall to wall. As much as there is humanity to continue the war, since the time when people lived in caves. Developing, people cared about security. As soon learned to smelt iron, the first thing created swords and armor. Gone for thousands of years, but there was not a single day that at least in a certain part of the world were not military action. With advances in technology, the war became more fierce, began to die millions of soldiers and the destruction of entire cities, it became a matter of time.
Age of War, was a common flash game, but the developers decided to look at the Android. In a short time, was to create a mobile version, which became a hit. It is surprising that a game that looks like a visitor from the past, the main competitors of the table modern strategies.
Age of War will start from that period, people have learned to code walk straight and use tools. In those times people fought with stones and sticks. Passing level after level, you will unlock swords, muskets, Martyr, and so on. After the discovery of modern weapons, the game is over and you will open blasters future.
Battles will take place wall to wall and still need to defend your base. That's where you come in handy and construction of various ages, in times of knights, you can throw the enemy hot oil or molten lead, in a more modern period can be used artillery, etc.


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