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Wonder Cube
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  • Wonder Cube
  • Wonder Cube
  • Wonder Cube
  • Wonder Cube


Wonder Cube - colorful runner takes you into the world of fantastic flowers and trees adjacent to the dangers. Interesting story game developers are not rewarded, but after a couple of levels starting to think that this is another story of Alice in Wonderland.
Your jogging will not infinite, the game consists of levels to the finish, to which you want to reach unharmed. Game for children, so the worst thing that can happen to a heroine that she will stuff themselves bruise or bump, hit a snag.
All obstacles fabulous - this is a huge lollipops, unseen animals and plants that will create problems down the road.
Management is quite simple, but poorly regulated, that would slip under the barrier, you almost run up close to him, which is very inconvenient and complicated gameplay.
On the way you'll collect diamonds, which can be spent on improving bonuses. Those are not distinguished by originality and variety - boards, magnets, currency factors.
Surprised by the presence of life that you have awakened nine, spend, they will be at each failed attempt, and fast enough to recover. In the runner is first encountered.
Wonder Cube game is framed very well, unusual obstacles and character are of particular interest. But seeks to have something, too angular model and management should finalize.


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